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Saturday, 18.06.2022 - Health Resorts / City
Time      Place Choir
14:00 h Alte Liebe Shanty-Chor Hiesfeld
14:30 h Strandhaus Döse Chanting Lads (NL)
15:00 h Shanty-Chor-Messe (AFH) Shanty-Chor Voerde-Ennepetal von 1985 e.V.
16:00 h Villa Gehben, Altenbruch Baldrick's Plan (GB)

Maritime Gala Night

Kugelbake-Halle, 19:00 h
Favourite Shanties and Seasongs presented by :
  • Lübecker Shanty-Chor Möwenschiet e.V.
  • Chanting Lads (NL)
  • Shanty-Chor Voerde-Ennepetal von 1985 e.V.
  • Shanty-Chor Hiesfeld
  • Shanty-Chor Cuxhaven

Moderator: Wolfgang Zinow

10,80 Euro incl. advance booking charges
9,80 Euro incl. advance booking charges for groups of 20+ persons

Advance Booking:
Phone: 04721 40 44 44
and also at Eventim

Remaining tickets on site from 18:00 o′clock

Sunday, 19.06.2022 - Kurpark Döse *
Time      Choir
10:45 h Maritime Andacht von Dr. Jan Bühner, begleitet vom Shanty-Chor Cuxhaven
11:15 h Shantycrew Bensersiel
11:45 h Baldrick’s Plan (GB)
12:15 h Lübecker Shanty-Chor Möwenschiet e.V.
13:00 h Chanting Lads (NL)
13:30 h Shanty-Chor Hiesfeld
14:15 h Shanty-Chor Nordenham
15:00 h Shanty-Chor Cuxhaven e.V.
15:45 h Shanty-Chor Voerde-Ennepetal von 1985 e.V.
16:30 h All choirs get together and perform the song "Rolling Home"

Moderator: Wolfgang Zinow

Tickets: 5 Euro, children free

* Depending on the weather, the event might be transferred to Kugelbake-Halle (indoor).