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Cuxhaven - The Capital of Shanties

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Cuxhaven - quite a young town

Compared to other German cities, Cuxhaven is quite a young town. On March 15, 1907 it received its town charter. History of settlement of course reaches back far longer as proven by numerous fossil records. For more than 600 years Cuxhaven belonged to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Only in 1937 the area of Hamburg was extended by the former Prussian cities Harburg and Altona in exchange for Cuxhaven (as specified in the so-called "Groß-Hamburg-Gesetz").

Cuxhaven was found on December 4, 1872 as a union of the two villages Ritzebüttel and Cuxhaven. In between 1935 and 1972 several integrations led to Cuxhaven's extent as known today. Until 1977 Cuxhaven did not belong to any county. Today it is a part of the newly formed county Cuxhaven and domicile of the county administration.

Cuxhaven is located at the most northern top of Lower Saxony and is surrounded by the sea on two sides. This geographic position offers a very special touristic attraction, however it also causes some problems regarding economical connections to the interior.

Caused by the geographic situation and the historical Hamburg affiliation two major branches of trade have developed fine: fishery science and tourism.

The origin of tourism goes back to the year 1816 when Cuxhaven raised a spa. With more than 3 million overnight stays Cuxhaven today tops out at all German health resorts. Cuxhaven has successfully divided tourism and industrialization spatially. The touristic infrastructure, sports and leisure facilities as well as cultural commitment guarantee a high recreational and dwelling value for both visitors and residents.

The Cuxhaven fishery science has a long tradtion, too. In 1885 the fishery harbour was built and today Cuxhaven is Germany′s most important fishery site besides Bremerhaven.

Furthermore, the military played a major role in Cuxhaven. The first German minesweepers were positioned in Cuxhaven. For strategic reasons marine units unfortunately moved to Wilhelmshaven and Emden in 1968.

Harbour economy is another important aspect for Cuxhaven and surroundings - especially the multi-purpose terminal of CuxPort. The harbour terrain belonged to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg until 1993 and only after long and tough negotiations with Hamburg, this area passed on to Lower Saxony, that invested several million Euro in the extension of the harbour facilities.

Cuxhaven′s geographic position directly at the mouth of Elbe River offers ideal conditions to short-sea transportation (e.g. Great Britain, Scandinavia and the Baltic states). The multi-purpose terminal of CuxPort GmbH perfectly fits the handling of container cargo, RoRo, car logistics and unit load.

Throughout the last few years Cuxhaven with its unique infrastructure has become one of the leading offshore bases. Lower Saxony has extensively invested in this branch.

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Health Resorts

In Cuxhaven everyone will find his place in the sun, in the heath, in the forest or on the meadows. Eleven health resorts invite you to spend diversified holidays with swimming, lying on the beach, walking in the tidelands and nature.


The adventure zone directly at the waterway. Here, you can watch the tall ships, vessels and yachts pass.


The family spa with sand and green beaches guarantees a variety of activities for young and old.


The spa of extremes - tidelands and beach, sea and pool with artificial waves, a vivid promenade and silence behind the dike.


The family-friendly spa offers a pool in the forest, sand beach and an adventure playground in the forest "Wernerwald".


Golfer′s paradise but also ideal for nature lovers surrounded by the heath, forests, fields and meadows.


Stickenbüttel is the health resort between Duhnen and Döse, right in the fields, but yet central.


In Altenbruch you can watch the ocean liners from the green beach as they pass on their way to the far sea.


A place between heath and the national park in the tidelands. Ideal for hiking, horseback riding and cycling.


Only a few kilometres from the sea you find Altenwalde with its beautiful church.


Horseman′s village in the heath enchants with its varied moorlands, forests and heathlands.


The idyllically situated village offers anything you can expect from holidays in the countryside: farms, lots of anmimals and a cosy centre.

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Tidelands & Sea

The tidelands - appointed to world natural heritage by the UNESCO - rank among the most beautiful nature reserves in Germany. Discover them on a mudflat hiking tour and be fascinated by the dazzling array of nature.

Beaches in Cuxhaven are either sand or green beaches with colourful beach chairs and if luck is on your side the sky will be bright and blue.

Besides tidelands and beaches Cuxhaven is surrounded by nature that you can discover on a hiking tour through the heathlands or the marshlands. An all-weather adventure!

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Cuxhaven active

Cuxhaven features all you need for an active family vacation: swimming, beach volleyball, sailboarding, kitesurfing, cycling or sailing. And how about learning some new sports? A beginner′s course in sailboarding or a tour on the horseback through the heathland and forests maybe.

For many years Cuxhaven has been a trendsetter in beach sports. Volleyball, handball, basketball and soccer are played on the beach and in the sand! Or would you prefer the sea - swimming, sailboarding or kitesurfing?

Our flat landscape here in the North is ideal for cycling. Many varied tours are perfect for families and of course you can also hire a bike.

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Island Tours


Right off the coast of Cuxhaven amid the Hamburg Tidelands National Park there is the little island Neuwerk. You can reach it either through the mud-flats by foot and by horse buggy or by ship with MV Flipper from "Alte Liebe". If you wish to walk, we strongly recommend attending one of the guided tours to the island. And keep in mind, that the tide will not allow walking back on the same day, so please make a reservation for the ship during the peak season.


Germany′s only island in the deep sea can be comfortably reached from Cuxhaven by ship. During the peak season you can choose from a classic cruise and a high speed catamaran. The cruise vessel runs all-the-year.