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Friday, June 14, 2019 at 19:30 o'clock: Shanty-Café

Facing the big success of the last few years we were glad to present Dutch and German Shanty Groups again in the Shanty-Chor Messe at the old harbour.

Saturday, 15.06.2019 - Health Resorts / City
Time      Place Choir
13:00 h Bojenbad Grimmershörn Otterndorfer Shantychor
13:00 h Alte Liebe Shantygroup Logger's Men
14:00 h Bojenbad Grimmershörn Shanty-Chor der MK-Mülheim a.d. Ruhr e.V. Kormoran
14:30 h Strandhaus Döse Zingerij Dwarsgetuigd (NL)
15:00 h Alte Liebe Shanty-Chor Hiesfeld
15:30 h Strandhaus Döse The Exmouth Shanty Men (GB)
15:30 h DRK-Altenheim Am Schloßgarten Shanty-Chor Neuss e.V.
16:00 h Shanty-Chor Messe am Alten Fischereihafen Tres Hombres Shanty-Crew (NL)
16:00 h Villa Gehben, Altenbruch Corsaires de la Vesdre (BE)
16:00 h Kurpark Döse Shantychor Capstan (DK)
17:00 h Kurpark Döse Ol'Hands Shantymen (NL)

Maritime Gala Night

Kugelbake-Halle, 19:00 h
Favourite Shanties and Seasongs presented by :
  • Shanty-Chor Hiesfeld
  • Zingerij Dwarsgetuigd (NL)
  • The Exmouth Shanty Men (GB)
  • Shantychor Capstan (DK)
  • Shanty-Chor De Flinthörners
  • Shanty-Chor Cuxhaven

Moderator: Wolfgang Zinow

The Kommersabend following the Gala Night features a midnight show with Shanty-Chor De Flinthörners. Guests are welcome!

Sunday, 16.06.2019 - Kurpark Döse *
Time      Choir
09:45 h Maritime Andacht begleitet vom Shanty-Chor Cuxhaven
10:15 h Shanty Chor Beckedorfer Schifferknoten
10:45 h Corsaires de la Vesdre (BE)
11:15 h Shanty-Chor De Flinthörners
11:45 h Shantychor Capstan (DK)
12:15 h Shantygroup Logger’s Men
12:45 h Bremer Shanty- Chor von 1978
13:15 h Ol’ Hands Shantymen (NL)
13:45 h Shanty-Chor NEUSS e. V.
14:15 h Zingerij Dwarsgetuigd (NL)
14:45 h Shanty Chor MK Mülheim a.d. Ruhr e.V. KORMORAN
15:15 h Shanty-Chor Cuxhaven
15:45 h The Exmouth Shanty Men (GB)
16:15 h Seemanns-Chor Hannover e.V.
16:45 h Shanty-Chor Hiesfeld
17:15 h Otterndorfer Shantychor Liedertafel von 1831 e.V.
17:45 h All choirs get together and perform the song "Rolling Home"

Moderator: Wolfgang Zinow