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25 Years TdSC - The Anniversary 1999

Extracts from the Anniversary Brochure

A few Words regarding this Brochure

Right from the beginning it was clear to everyone involed that we should realease a very special brochure for the 25th anniversary. And so, we were offered support by the local newspaper ELBE-WESER-aktuell.

Having finished the layout for the cover page I received a call from the publisher telling me how much they liked the design - even joking that this would be the highlight of my career. If this brochure really deserves praise - judge by yourself.

Tag der Shanty-Chöre in Cuxhaven

Anyway, it is a fact, that Cuxhaven-born artist Enno Kleinert, nowadays living in Munich, essentially contributed to this brochure with his maritime drawings making the brochure vivid and colourful. We sincerely thank him for his work!

Gisela Plambeck (TdSC-Brochure 1999)