The Moderators

Klaus Erlewein Klaus Erlewein Klaus Erlewein Klaus Erlewein Klaus Erlewein Klaus Erlewein

Klaus Erlewein - the Moderator Legend

Klaus Erlewein You've got to like him...

Klaus Erlewein has been a part of it all right from the beginning and moderated the Tag der Shanty-Chöre in his extraordinary, charming, whimsical and humorous way as known and loved by not only the Northern audience.

Throughout his career as a moderator he has experienced a lot. Born in Hessen, he came to Cuxhaven and had a full time job as the manager of a Cuxhaven rest home. He has also - among others - made a living as an entertainer on cruise liners and became famous for his radio moderations at the German broadcasting station NDR far across the regional area of Cuxhaven. His "Platzkonzert", an NDR broadcast, is well-known to many listeners all over Germany.

He spent several weeks in Namibia and moderated live broadcasts for the German Radio station of the NBC. After a seven weeks lasting stay it was hard to say goodbye and so it is quite understandable when he says: "After six weeks I know people by their voice when they call in at the station. Some have given me truffles as a present because they know cooking is my hobby. Others send poems or books. I have learned so much about this country and the people living here. I really enjoyed working here."

Boredom is a foreign word to him. Whenever he was not travelling around as a moderator, he sang in the Shanty-Chor Cuxhaven for many years and was appointed an honorary member later.

The Shanty-Chor Cuxhaven designates him the intellectual father of the "Rote Laterne", a special show inspiring the audience since 1976 and impressively confirming year by year that a shanty choir does not necessarily have to stand on stage and just sing, but can also actively perform on stage.

Klaus Erlewein said goodbye to the moderation of the Tag der Shanty-Chöre in 2014, but we are sure, that he will be seen in the audience in future.

Kaschi Mangels - Moderator of the Maritime Gala Night

Kaschi Mangels From 1976 Kaschi Mangels was the director of the health resort administration and later from 1983 to his retirement in 1990 he was the director of the administration center.

For 14 years he organized the Tag der Shanty-Chöre and also moderated the Maritime Gala Night for a few years. And when Klaus Erlewein fell ill he even moderated the Nonstop-Shows at the Kurpark.

Please also read the interview of Gisela Plambeck with Kaschi Mangels.

Wolfgang Zinow - Moderator from 2015

Wolfgang Zinow In 2015 Wolfgang Zinow is the successor of Klaus Erlewein as a moderator of the Tag der Shanty-Chöre. Born in Otterndorf he already showed entertainer talents as a little boy. For a long time he has supported choirs in Hadeln and Cuxhaven as the active chairman of the "Sängerkreis Niederelbe" that made him the speaker of 32 choirs with about 900 singers.

From 1991 to 2009 he was chairman of the Otterndorfer Shantychor and he still is a member of the Cuxhavener Lotsenchor - even though he is not a nautical captain. He is a solo entertainer at family and company celebrations and loves to assume the role of farmer Karl-Wilhelm, speaking both Standard and Low German. He always makes the audience laugh heartily.

There is not much time left for further hobbies, however Astrid and Wolfgang Zinow like to spend off time in their nice garden where jobs are clearly shared: "I am the hatchet man whereas my wife is in charge of the beautiful things such as flowers", he says with a big smile on his face.