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Welcome to Cuxhaven - the Capital of Shanties!

Dear Shanty Friends

your health and that of our guests is our top priority!

Based on the current Lower Saxony regulation for protection against new infections with the corona virus that applies from April 17, 2020, attendance of major events - also for the Tag der Shanty-Chöre - with 1.000 or more participants, spectators and listeners is prohibited at least until August 31, 2020. We very much regret this decision, but we understand the well-founded concern. Since we look positively into the future, we would like to invite you to our festival next year, on June 19 and 20, 2021, and thus extend the joyful anticipation for all of us a little bit.

We would be pleased to welcome you all healthy at our next Tag der Shanty-Chöre and remain with best wishes

sincerely yours

Since 1974 we celebrate our Shanty-Festival - Tag der Shanty-Chöre (Day of the Shanty Choirs) in Cuxhaven.

Throughout the years this Shanty-Festival has become a constant in Cuxhaven′s event calendar attracting thousands of visitors. There is no other place where so many choirs from both home and abroad meet. A few thousand singers have discovered our beautiful North Sea Spa Cuxhaven and have come back here many times.

But what is the secret about this event, that has attracted so many guests and local people over the decades? Maybe it is the illusion of wind and waves, of sailor′s joy and sorrow conveyed by the choirs in their songs. Or the beautiful maritime scenes such as the shipping lane at the "Alte Liebe", Cuxhaven′s no. 1 sight-seeing place right by the sea and harbour. Watching ships passing the "Alte Liebe" on their way to the far ocean fills almost everyone with wanderlust. For whatever reason it is a fact, that this is the perfect place for such an event and it is fairly true to call Cuxhaven the Capital of Shanties.

The festival is held every year on a weekend in June for two days - starting on Saturday with many performances in different places all along the beach and harbour and a maritime gala evening in the "Kugelbake-Halle", followed on Sunday by a nonstop show in the "Kurpark Döse".

Come on board, set sails and head for theTag der Shanty-Chöre in Cuxhaven!
Looking forward to seeing you!