25 Years TdSC - The Anniversary 1999

Extracts from the Anniversary Brochure

Behind the Scenes

Klaus Erlewein End of the 80ies - a choir is checking the bass amplifier for the 5th time on the Kurpark outdoor stage.

OK! Passed! Time to go on stage - power on amplifier! Off... That's it... Everyone buzzing with excitement!

Why now?
Why before this big show in front of an audience of almost 3000 people?
Now, of all times!

Fortunately, Heinz Drossner was around at that moment - his six-foot bass leaning on the wall. That bass was so sonorous and loud that it did not require an amplifier. Heinz and me just looked at each other and immediately understood without speaking. Heinz Drossner supported the choir in his well-known way backstage and incognito.

Klaus Erlewein (TdSC-Brochure 1999)